01. The general sales conditions mentioned herein, have absolute priority over any other conditions and printed or hand-written clauses included in any document issued by the buyer.

02. Any modification requested by the buyer as far as product quality, quantity, price or delivery dates are concerned, will require the express written confirmation of JAP INTERNATIONAL BRANDS S.L.U.

03. Product prices will correspond to prevailing prices at the moment of delivery and will not include VA.T. Pay ment will be verified at JAP INTERNATIONAL BRANDS S.L.U. ofices or wherever indicated on the invoice.

04. After payment falls due, all subsequent losses and negotiation expenses will be charged to the buyer.

05. JAP INTERNATIONAL BRANDS S.L.U., will only take responsibility of orders when these have been placed through an order sheet of the company and expressly accepted by it. JAP INTERNATIONAL BRANDS S.L.U., will do everything in its power to satisfy orders within requested time limits, though delayed or partial deliveries will not constitute cause of indemnity.

06. Contracts and ownership transfers will be concluded upon complete payment of merchandise, moment up to which JAP INTERNATIONAL BRANDS S.L.U., retains owner ship rights.

07. After goods are delivered or placed at the buyer’s disposal, risk of loss will be transfered to the buyer.

08. Product damages during transport are the transporter’s liability; consequently, to claim substitution, the buyer should detail detected anomalies on the delivery note.

09. JAP INTERNATIONAL BRANDS S.L.U., will not accept any return lacking its previous express conformity. In case of return without prior agreement, JAP INTERNATIONAL BRANDS S.L.U., will not be liable to accepting merchandise.

10. Several dye coatings are used for each colour, which may give a slight difference in the shades. Consequently, JAP INTERNATIONAL BRANDS S.L.U. cannot assure that all articles of the same colour will have exactly the same shade, except those forming a set of various articles with only one reference, in which case they will have exactly the same shade.

11. Spanish laws rule The Purchasing contract.

12. Parties expressly renounce other legislations and will observe the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.

13. The hereby included general sales conditions are worded in English, both parties stating they have knowledge of and accept their contents, and expressly respect them.

14. After two weeks no cancellations or modifications of this order will be accepted.

15. Order confirmation subject to credit approval.

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